Enter real life gaming

Humans are playful creatures. When seeing the world through the glasses of a game designer, many solutions seem boring. Why punish drivers for bad behavior, when you can reward them for good? Gamification tries to replicate the feel people have when playing a game in real life.


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Education and motivation

When we play, we learn, we get better. We start at the first level, but quickly grow being a game expert. Why not use this power games have for education? Applying game experiences will make students eager learners. Or take it one step further and design school as a game. Receive XP (experience points) instead of grades, create bonus levels for the brightest. Will it be more fun?


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See your employees as players

Really big online games heve the same ingredients as many organisations. People play in guilds (project team), there is a guild leader (project manager), every player has their own speciality and players earn points (salary). But why do players pay to play and we have to pay people to work? Designing these ingredients from a game perspective can boost employee motivation. By playing together in a cooperative manner, production an efficiency will increase.


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