It was a great experience talking at this conference. First because of the ability to share my ideas, but also because I could learn a lot from theirs.
Opensource is such a great movement where actually gamification elements are already being applied within their way of working. Opensource (software) projects are all about communities working together on major projects. Important is how to keep this community engaged and motivated. Programmers working within these projects are actually working for respect. Since it can always be seen where pieces of code are coming from, respect will be gained by fellow community members when they see this piece of code. Furthermore the amount of code you’re writing combined with the quality determine your share in the upcoming project. A lot to work for! Measuring work in combination with a reward structure is a very important game technique to be used within gamification.

The YouTube video of my talk can be viewed here as well as the Skype interview I had with one of the organizers of the conference.

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