Raddraaiers in Beweging started their adventure with an idea to get children moving by wearing a sensor which records movement. This was even before the huge trend of activity monitors, such as the Nike Fuelband, the Fitbit and now even the Apple Watch.

The ideas was that with the recorded data (in the form of points) children were allowed to do other things than playing outside. They could exchange their points for playing videogames, watching television or going on the iPad. The more passive activities.


For one of these activities The Playful Company designed a game about healthy food. This is a game for the youngest in the target group of this startup, so for the 6 year olds. The goal of the game is to design your own salad with all ingredients available. Choosing the healthy ingredients would get you points, choosing unhealthy ingredients would not get you points.

Children Interacting With Tablet Technology

Once you created your own salad, you could print the recipe and give it to your mother. She can make the salad for dinner, so there would be a good moment the salad (and therefore healthy food) could be discussed within the family.

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