“An intense and meaningful gamified experience with offline and online components supported by a web based platform to get people from different departments within a large corporation to show themselves, team up with colleagues they did not know before and via great teamwork bring results that are valuable for the firm and showcase the qualities and talents of its employees.”


This was the mission of a small team within Air France – KLM IT department to reach three main goals: cross divisional cooperation, learn about and use new technologies, bridging the gap between business and IT.

Different components (multimedia, events, badges, leaderboard, storyline, challenges, etc.) have been folded into an engaging experience with its fierce director, recruiting multidisciplinary teams, competing, getting to know each other strengths and thus unknowingly generating the future of their own organization.

Autonomy, Mastery & Purpose

If you want to deliver a successful game or gamification solutions, you need ‘autonomy’, ‘mastery’ and ‘purpose’. KLM’s Next Top Model has these three ingredients. Autonomy is about control. Can you choose your own strategy as player? Can you influence the outcome? Mastery is about learning, about getting better. What can you learn from playing this game? Does the game reflect this? And finally purpose (often called meaning or relatedness) is about having a clear goal. Is this goal meaningful to the player? Does the player find the subject important?

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