REFQ is an online tool to obtain, manage and share your very own work references. Through asking you own network of people you have worked with, you combine and create a very real and truthful reference report.

Ask colleagues, bosses or project managers about the period you worked at their company or organisation. What you get in return is a full report for each reference, but also a quick glance for future employers about your qualities and working history.


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How gamification helps

REFQ asked The Playful Company with the design of the core loop which drives this reference tool. We designed gamification into the core of this tool in which Trigger, Action, Feedback and Progress sets the right challenge and motivation. A user is triggered to create a new reference in order to build a solid reference portfolio. The user than performs an action by inviting a referee through a simple form and personalised message. The user gets feedback when the referee filled in the questionnaire and a reference card appears in the users dashboard. All reference cards combined shows the progress of this user and creates the full reference portfolio. More information how REFQ works can be found here.

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