Eduapp is an active community of educators with passion for sharing and advancing the transformational use of technology in education. They daily use Eduapp to find out how to use educational apps in and outside the classroom. Every app on Eduapp is rigorously reviewed based on our detailed rubric tags and curated and evaluated by our educational specialists, supported by the experts of the Eduapp community.


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Eduapp is a Dutch initiative from Marieke van Osch, Jaap van der Meer and myself, a perfect blend of design, pedagogical expertise and technical skills with a shared passion for innovation in education. It is our mission to create a new educational landscape based on educational apps.

“Complete, easy to use, with an attractive social layer. Finally a tool that allows everyone to discover educational apps and find out how to use them in and outside the classroom.”

Eduapp is a community of educators, but with each community the right tools need to be developed in order to get an active community. Eduapp is nothing without the content published by its users.

How gamification helps

Gamification helps to achieve this active comunity state, by giving clear insight into educators activities. Each educator has their own profile with information on his or her role in the field of education, but also the subject or subjects this teacher teaches. Together with the created lesson plans (small lesson ideas linked to a tablet or smartphone app) one can decide whether to follow this teacher. Following means getting updates when this teacher develops new educational material. The more followers, the higher the probablity of being a good and active educator. And are therefore contributing to the Dutch educational ecosystem.


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