An airplane hangar is a special environment with various hazards, special procedures etc. Mechanics work in shifts so training them all for emergency scenarios is a challenge: time & planning wise, but also considering operational disturbance.
Emergency scenarios are periodically practiced during working hours, which results in the group of mechanics trudging outside. Wait. And get back in. No interaction, no feedback, no learning.

The need of the director of the hangar was a training that would prepare all mechanics in an engaging, non-intrusive way, at their own job environment and that is fun to do at the same time. Giving employees a chance to practice with different scenarios and giving them the ability to figure out the best way to act during an emergency.

Look anywhere. See everything. Take action. Interact. Reflect. Learn.


This image is showing a firetruck that is used for this training. As a mechanic you should know the right evacuation routes without interfering with emergency services.


During the training you receive questions which you need to answer. Which way is the best way out when the alarm sounds?


What are you going to do once you are out of the building? Are you going home or do you walk (not run) to the assembly point?

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