In CPR time is always of the essence and every decision counts. But what are these decisions and how much time do you have before a life is on the line?

In close cooperation with Warp Industries, The Playful Company advised in creating an interactive and immersive VR experience in which you call the shots in a real life situation. This VR experience is used to train medical staff at the AMC in which they are taught a CPR protocol which they need to know by heart when time is of the essence.

By making choices during a scenario the life of a man is in your hands.


Virtual Reality is said to be the ultimate empathy machine and it appears to be true. By putting on VR goggles, you are transported to another reality. And although you know you are not really there, the emotions you feel are pretty close to real. You do feel your heart beat raising, when you see a man falling on the floor in this immersive Virtual Reality CPR training.


Emotion often dictates our behaviour, we respond in seconds. We tend to fight or flight. But very often, this instinctive behaviour is not the best behaviour for all parties involved (see 1). Through this VR training, we can teach people controlled behaviour after an emotional response. Through thinking first (see 2), we can let people experience the consequences of right and wrong choices. And after hours of enough training, a new thoughtful response is created (see 3).

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