Our society is facing challenging and complex problems that need to be urgently addressed. There’s no doubt that scientists are key to solving these issues. However, if you, as a scientist, want to develop innovative ideas, valorise your knowledge, and implement solutions, you need to make the connection between your research and demands in the market and in society.

The Lean Scientist supports scientists in making this match with a pentathlon of five phases. With a metaphor of athletic nerds, the scientist are guided through the platform. You burn calories by learning certain steps, doing assignments and reviewing peers.


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About the engagement loop

The three actions, learn, do and review, are central in this gamified e-learning platform. With each step scientist have to learn about a certain topic. Only than they can make the corresponding assignment. But they only get the full number of calories (points) for completing this step if they also reviewed a classmate.


By involving other classmates and creating a niche community, two things come at play. First assignments are being performed more seriously because of peer pressure. Second an engagement loop is created because classmates continuously making new goals and triggers when a new assignment can be reviewed or your own assignment has been reviewed.


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