With ‘My Oxxio’, customers get full insight in their energy affairs at Oxxio. They can see how much gas or electricity they have been using, but also, in case of solar panels, how much their are producing. Users are being adviced on how to reduce energy usage by offering selected tips.


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But that’s not all. The ‘my-environment’ offers all kind of special extras.

The ‘Energy score’ is an example of the special extras. Based on personal information people can see how high their energy consumption is compared to other Oxxio clients. They provide personalized saving tips and monitor daily use. When you have a so-called ‘Smart Meter’, this even happens automatically! As an added fun element we developed the Oxxio-maker. It allows you to make turn yourself into an Oxxio-avatar which customers use as a profile picture on your account.


Together with one of the biggest digital service design agency’s of The Netherlands, Tam Tam, Thijs codesigned how Oxxio consumer could get the best insights in their energy usage.

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