WOO is the equivalent of Runkeeper for kiteboarding. By using an external sensor, you can record every session you do, without bringing your iPhone to the water.


More about WOO Sports

The Playful Company worked closely with the WOO team to create the accompanying iPhone app with the WOO sensor. Thijs consulted on a core gamification strategy to be used in the app. Goal of the gamification was to get advanced kiteboarders to jump higher and do more tricks, but also to motivate beginner kiteboarders to find new friends and new spots to kite.

“No more debates on who jumps the highest! Works as expected, I love it!”


Just after market launch, the WOO was used as measuring tool in the famous Red Bull King of the Air challenge in Cape Town, South Africa. The realtime leaderboard for this competition could be seen by anyone who downloaded the WOO app.

Gamification and sports

Gamification and sports is a perfect marriage. Through measuring sports activity and reflect this to the athlete, they can get so much more motivated and enthusiastic about their sport. But it can also get new people interested in a certain sport. Want to know more about the possibilities of sports and gamifiation, don’t hesitate to contact.

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